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About Mound Cemetery


Mound Cemetery’s 14 acres were set aside over 150 years ago by Brooklyn Township’s pioneering families. Early Cemetery Association documents reference that the Cemetery “was dedicated to God as a holy burial place for His children and was sacred to the community.” Today the Cemetery continues this vision by providing a safe, beautiful, peaceful setting dedicated to the remembrance and heritage of our loved ones.


We recognize that everyone’s attitude toward death and the disposition of human remains is changing, and that today each family’s respective desires reflect these changes in their own way. The community that Mound Cemetery serves is becoming increasingly diverse with different family traditions, historical roots, and cultural customs. The Cemetery has responded to these changing needs by providing several options for memorialization and the permanent placement of cremated remains and traditional burials.


It will be our honor to become your family's Cemetery. You and your loved ones can rest assured that one small place has been set aside on Earth that will always be there. Your future generations will come to this place to reflect upon the lives of those who meant so much to them.



The earliest markers in Mound Cemetery are from 1855: Harris Thompson, 1829-1855 and Rev. C.H.A. Johnson, 1823-1855. This was before the Civil War began in 1861 and before Lincoln’s death in 1865.


Mound Cemetery was established as a cemetery in 1862 by farmers and lumbermen who moved here from New England. It has grown from a 2 acre cemetery surrounded by farmland to 17 acres surrounded by suburban, multicultural neighborhoods.


Mound Cemetery has been a traditional burial ground. Today, Mound offers additional choices such as cremation burial, columbarium niches, and green burials to meet the needs of the community.


Early burial registers were kept in large record books. In 1917, the cemetery secretary was instructed to keep a record of all burials. Later, a card catalog was used to keep track of grave sales. Today, Mound Cemetery uses a computer system to keep track of over 10,000 grave sites.


The original cemetery had 80 lots with sixteen graves each. Most grave sales were for 8 or 16 graves. The first map was hand-drawn on fabric paper. Today, any number of graves can be purchased and the cemetery uses computer and surveyor maps today. The First Addition to Mound Cemetery added 2 acres plus roadwork looping around the flagpole. Today, the road follows a one way system for safe traffic flow.


Mound Cemetery of Brooklyn Center brochure (pdf) for download and printing.

History of Mound Cemetery – Learn about the founding of Mound Cemetery and some of the people who are buried here. (pdf)

For those who want to do additional research, follow this link to the Minnesota Historical Society Peoples Record search.

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